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Presenting our brand-new magic hair potion - Moonlight Scalp Serum

Losing hair is never a comforting prospect, is it? 

You have been using Champi hair oil for a while now, and you have been able to see a change in your hair – the loss has reduced and your hair has become a lot healthier; but you still feel that there is something more that your hair needs. 

You are right, because for total protection, your hair also needs our Moonlight Scalp Serum!

Our brand new ayurvedic serum for hair growth has been formulated to become food for your scalp, because we all know that when the scalp is happy, the hair is healthy! 

Would you believe it if we told you that this formulation has been in the making for more than 2 years? As a matter of fact, this was one of the first products in the indē wild family. 

But today, we finally have our advanced scalp serum that has been formulated to revolutionize hair regrowth and immensely improve scalp health.

Allow us to tell you a bit more about this product:

  • This product is designed to be not only a hair growth serum, but also a nourishing agent. Imagine this – you use the PM Sunset Restore Serum, every night, because it can help repair and replenish our skin. This scalp serum is meant to do the same – whether you choose to use it every night, or you use it a few times a week (we suggest at least thrice a week), it will work overnight to nourish your scalp, which allow for better hair growth. 
  • The serum includes handpicked ingredients including Redensyl ™, Procapil ™, Baicapil ™ as well as powerhouses such as Caffeine, Burdock Root and Amla. Each of these ingredients have been chosen for the benefits they can offer to your scalp and hair. 
  • Regular usage of this natural hair serum can reduce hair fall, stimulate hair growth and give you hair that is truly voluminous. So, if you want hair that you can swish around, then this is the product that you want to include in your haircare regimen. 
  • Ingredients like amla will also ensure that not only is your hair nourished, it will also help reduce greying. 
  • Most importantly, this serum has been created to act like a salve for the scalp – it has ingredients that will soothe the scalp and improve the ‘microbiome’ of your scalp. So, if you have been struggling with dandruff or eczema, this serum could help. 

How does it work?

Every hair on our head, goes through three stages:

  • Anagen – this is when your hair is growing actively
  • Catagen – this is the transition stage, where your hair is done growing
  • Telogen – the rest phase is when the hair is getting ready to fall out. 

The cherry-picked ingredients of the serum, which include photoactives, ensures that the anagen stage becomes a lot more active and you will see more growth, and the telogen phase is controlled to reduce the hair loss. 

Yes, we know what your next question will be – I already use Champi hair oil; then why do I need this?

Although both Champi and Moonlight serum are both meant for the hair, they have slightly different purposes – 

  • Champi is a multifunctional hair oil that you will apply to the entire length of the hair – from the roots to the tips, whereas the Moonlight serum is meant only for the scalp. As a matter of fact, you need not apply the serum to the hair at all, only massage it into the scalp. 
  • When you use Champi, it will control the frizz in your hair and improve the texture and shine of your hair, while Moonlight serum will work more towards improving the density and volume of the hair. 
  • The ingredients in Champi have been handpicked to help control hair fall, and Moonlight will not only control the hair loss, but also stimulate more hair growth. 
  • Champi is more than just the oil, the act of massaging it in your hair is meant more as a stress buster that can also make your hair healthy, while Moonlight is a potent revitaliser for the scalp – think of it as food for your scalp! 

So, you see, you need a little bit of both in your routine – Champi as a weekly ritual and Moonlight as a more regular one! 

How does one use this scalp serum?

Its super simple to use – fill the pipette with one or two doses and then apply directly to the clean and dry scalp. After this, simply massage the serum all over your scalp, until it is completely absorbed. Because this formulation is water based, it will not leave your scalp or hair feeling greasy and will get absorbed almost instantly. We suggest that you use this serum every night, before you head to bed (or at least three times a week). And because the serum is so lightweight, you will not need to wash your hair the next day. 

Consider the Moonlight Scalp Serum as a PM serum for your scalp and hair that can give you faster hair regrowth, better hair density and hair and scalp that is a lot healthier

In our next blog, we will tell you more about the ingredients that make our serum so special!