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Dull skin making you unhappy? Here’s what you need for happy, healthy skin!

How many times has this happened to you? 

You are standing in front of the mirror, dressed up to the nines, and as you are getting ready to apply some makeup, you see how dull and tired your skin is looking. 

You wonder why your skin looks the way it does and even though you get ready and leave, the thought lingers in the back of your mind. Later on, you do a little research as to what might causing your skin to look dull. After all, before you can get to how to treat dull skin, you need to figure out what could be causing it. 

Ask yourself a few questions and you should be able to find the answers:

  • Are you drinking enough water? 

Your skin is the largest organ and in order to keep it healthy, you need to make sure that you are drinking plenty of water. When you drink sufficient water, your skin and body are naturally hydrated. 

  • Is your skin feeling dry?

Yes, your skin could feel dry because of the lack of hydration, but it could also be so because of the climate changes. Your skin tends to get drier during the winter months and dry skin often looks dull and lifeless. 

  • Are you moisturising your skin enough?

If you have been skipping your regular moisturising routine, you might have invited trouble yourself! 

  • Are you exfoliating your skin?

The formation of dead skin cells is a natural process, but if you are not making the effort to remove them, they could build up on your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. 

Now, you have understood that one of these above mentioned is what is causing is your dull skin, and now you need to figure out how to treat dull and dry skin in a natural manner. 

  • Your first step needs to be to make the corrections as per the problem – so you need to drink a lot more water, exfoliate and moisturise your skin regularly. 
  • Be gentle with your skin – if you are wearing makeup, make sure that you remove it all with a good product. Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and then apply a high-quality serum like indē wild’s PM serum, especially if it is the end of the day. 
  • Adding a good quality serum to your morning routine would be a good idea and of course, indē wild’s AM serum would be your best bet. 
  • One of the easiest remedies for dull skin is to add vitamins C and E to your skin care regimen. While the former will repair the impacts of the environment and brighten the skin, the latter will moisturise and offer protection against sun damage. 
  • Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber are also good methods of adding hydration to the skin – you can either consume them or you can apply them to the skin. An easy face mask is to blend some fresh aloe gel, a few slices of cucumber, a pinch of turmeric and a squeeze of honey. 
  • Talking of turmeric – the magic ingredient that is known to every Indian and is slowly spreading to the rest of the world too! Not only can it help with the faster removal of dead skin cells, it can also help with the faster regeneration of new skin cells, while improving the natural moisture levels of the skin. It comes as no surprise that most face pack recipes that have been handed down through the generations in our country has turmeric in it. Recognising this potent ingredient as one of the best natural remedies for dull skin, we have added it to our AM serum too! 
  • You should also invest in some ashwagandha, because Indian ginseng is a truly wonder herb – with its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it can help keep your skin truly healthy and it doesn’t take a degree in astrophysics to figure out that healthy skin will glow! Because ashwagandha has astringent and moisturizing properties, it can help keep skin dullness at bay, which is why, it has found its way into our AM serum too!

For many of us, who have really busy lifestyles, indulging in these face packs and home remedies might not be possible, simply because of the lack of time. The simplest way to better skin would be to invest in a bottle of indē wild’s AM serum – the formula is the perfect amalgamation of ayurveda and science and works wonders for all skin types and a range of skin problems. 

From the pages of ayurveda come turmeric and ashwagandha, which are nature’s miracles that have the ability to repair, soothe and nourish. And from science we brought vitamins C and E, ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid which can repair, brighten, tighten and offer your skin the hydration that it needs and deserves! 

Apply in adequate amount and as per directions and you can be sure that you will have skin that you will fall in love with. 

Now that you have understood that the solution to how to treat dull skin at home lies in indē wild’s AM serum, isn’t it time that you go get a bottle of your own!