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Diwali skincare and hair care? indē wild is here for you!

When you start approaching the end of the year, it is almost bitter-sweet – the year is coming to an end and each day is becoming a memory.   

But this is also the time to look forward to a brand-new year and more importantly, it is time for festivities! Before you know it, you will be in the thick of dandiya practise and picking out outfits to wear on Diwali. 

And while all this effort is going into ensuring that you look absolutely stunning at every festive event, there has to be some attention being paid to your skin and hair too. After all, there is no way that you would look perfect without your skin and hair looking great too!

At indē wild, we know that skin and hair care is not a one-day thing – it is a habit that needs to be built and nurtured, every single day. 

This festival season, we bring to you some Diwali skincare and hair care tips that you can follow for that extra special glow! 

Get your crowning glory ready for Diwali! 

Let’s start with your hair; your crowning glory! No matter how beautifully dressed you are, unless your hairdo is in tandem, unless your hair is not swishing and sashaying with you, that look is not complete. Here is what you might want to do before and after Diwali. 

What you should do before Diwali 

We are pretty sure that Champi is already a part of your regular routine and in the countdown to Diwali, this should be an essential part of your hair care routine. 

  • One of the easiest Diwali hair care tips that we can suggest is that you give your hair regular oil massages and then wash the excess off with a really gentle shampoo. 
  • Do not forget to condition your hair, because this is essential to help lock moisture in and keep your hair looking and feeling great. 
  • Every night, before you hit the bed, make sure that you apply the directed amount of our Moonlight Scalp Serum too – when your scalp becomes healthy, it will reduce hair loss and over time, you will get to see the kind of hair volume that you have dreamt of! 
  • Before Diwali, would also be a good time to consider a hair trim or even a new haircut, that you can flaunt! 
  • And when you are an Indian, there is probably a home remedy or a hair pack that is pretty much a family tradition that you can try out. 

What you need to do after Diwali 

It is quite possible that during Diwali, you will apply a range of hair products on your hair; you might use styling tools of all types to get your hair to look exactly the way you want. And while all that is well and good in the moment, in the long run, it could cause serious damage to your hair. Here is what you need to do once the festivities are over:

    • Take some Champi hair oil and warm it up just a little – massage this into the scalp and the length of the hair and leave it for as long as possible (even overnight is a good idea). Dip a towel in slightly hot water and squeeze it out well and then wrap your hair in it. This is one of the best ways to get the oil completely soaked into your hair and scalp and will help reduce the damage of the products and styling. 
  • Do not skip Moonlight serum, even on Diwali night, because it is designed to nourish and protect. After all, it only takes a few minutes to apply and will disappear into the scalp in the blink of an eye! 
  • Get that fresh glowing face, this Diwali

    No matter what the occasion, no matter what the festival, that glow on your skin is perhaps the best makeup! But we understand that when an occasion like Diwali comes knocking, you want to do that little extra. But before you do that, you might want to keep a few Diwali skin care tips in mind. 

    What you should do before Diwali 

    • In the days leading up to Diwali, you might want to keep your skin as light as possible – this means that you keep the makeup products only for Diwali days or at the most for those days, when it is absolutely essential. 
    • You need to make sure that you follow the cleansing-toning-moisturising routine, every single day. Start your day by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and then use a toner that is designed for your skin type. Your morning moisturising and vitamin C boost will come through our AM serum
    • It is important that every night, you do the same routine again, but this time, remember to replace the AM with the PM serum, so that your skin gets the chance to repair and rejuvenate. 

    What you need to do after Diwali 

    • As soon as you get back home from your Diwali party, strip your face of all the makeup and products. You can use a micellar water to remove the makeup from every part of your face, including eyes and lips. Use a gentle facewash to clean the face and then you can exfoliate too, because you need to remove all traces of makeup from your skin to let it breathe. 
    • Repeat the toner and finish with the PM serum. 
    • In the days after Diwali, leave your skin as is – allow it to stay in its natural form and remember to stick to your morning and evening skin care routines. 

    Whether it is before or after Diwali, there are some basic things that you will want to follow – drink plenty of water to keep your hair and skin hydrated and flush out all those unwanted toxins. Remember to get as much as sleep as possible and whenever you get the chance, get in some exercise too, because when your blood gets pumping, it will show! 

    We know Diwali is a time for indulgence – so go ahead and indulge in that extra piece of sweet and indulge your skin and hair with our products! 

    Wishing you and yours a very happy Diwali!